Your Lindsay Marie piece(s) is as important to us as it is to you. Inspired by beautiful destinations around the world, every piece is completely made by hand by Lindsay herself and a small team of skilled jewelers and artisans in the USA. The design process starts with an inspiration, then a piece is made either from sketch or organically by putting creative skills at work and watching a piece come to life from start to finish, with every Swarovski stone placed by hand. From the beginning of the design process to the beautiful packaging, you can expect a true luxury experience and heirloom quality adornments. 

Lindsay started designing when she was a little girl, making gowns for her dolls out of her mother's floral tape. A little background, Lindsay's mother owns a floral design business, which she has owned for over thirty years, designing beautiful floral arrangements for wedding and special events. Hence, Lindsay found a love of design and those pretty extra details for weddings and events very early in life. 

Fast forward a few years, Lindsay went off to study the art of fashion design, particularly interested of course in designing wedding gowns at art school in Tampa, FL but later made a transition to marketing to pursue more of a creative, editorial role and continued her studies in design and marketing in Chicago, IL. After three years of studying, Lindsay grew impatient and wanted to work hands on in an exciting industry, applied for an internship at Vogue magazine and one month after applying, was working for the iconic magazine in the accessories department, alongside incredibly talented stylists, photographers, editors and models.

Seeing first hand how pieces can come to life from beautiful inspiration to being styled just right, the experience helped to mold the designer she wanted to be. After this experience and years of working in the fashion industry in different styling, editorial and managerial roles, Lindsay was itching to get back into design and put her creative skills to work. A la, Lindsay Marie Design was dreamed up in late 2013, with the official start in 2014. 

"I thank you so much for stopping by. I truly hope you leave a little inspired and are able to take a little bit of that inspiration with you."

xx, Lindsay Marie